Who are eligible for bad credit mobile phones?

Anyone who of legal age and a resident in the UK is eligible to apply. If you have bad credit, you are still welcome to apply. In fact, Livesey Phones exists to help customers like you find a suitable phone contract deal.

What types of phones are available?

In partnership with other key providers and suppliers in the market, Livesey Phones is able to offer a wide selection of handsets you can choose from including the latest models from popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, Windows and HTC among others.

Do you run credit checks?

Since the brand exists for people with bad credit, we don’t run credit checks on applicants. To apply, you’ll just need to meet the basic requirements, which includes providing a steady proof of income to prove you financial capabilities to pay.

What if I have a history of ccjs or defaults?

If you have a history of ccjs or defaults, you are still welcome to apply. Our team of expert specialists will help you find a suitable deal that will not only meet your personal circumstance but especially your current budget.

How do I apply for a bad credit phone?

You can apply for a bad credit mobile phone online. Just fill out our online application form and you’re ready to go. We will assess your personal circumstance and give you a list of recommended deals. Once you’ve chosen your handset and phone bundle, approval will be confirmed in 24 hours or less.

How much do bad credit mobile phones cost?

With phone contracts, the mobile phone comes for free. You’ll just need to pay a fixed monthly fee for 24-months and the phone is essentially yours. The fixed monthly will depend on two major factors, your handset and phone bundle choices.

How do I pay for the fixed monthly fee?

Prior to approval, we will set up a direct debit deduction to cover for your fixed monthly fees. This way, it will be easier for you to pay your bills on time avoiding unnecessary late or missed payment fees.

Do you require a guarantor?

Livesey Phones do not require guarantors. You don’t need to pay any upfront fees either. Again, as long as you meet the basic requirements, we can find a suitable deal that will meet both your needs and budget.

Do you have hidden fees?

All fees associated with a phone contract deal from Livesey Phones are always disclosed to customers. You can know more on associated fees and charges if you call and get in touch with our customer representative team.

How do I receive my handset?

Once approved for a phone contract deal from Livesey Phones, we will prepare your handset for shipping right away. You should receive it within 24 to 48 hours after approval. You may also pick up the handset from one of our branches nearest to your address.