About Us

Livesey Phones is a trusted name when it comes to the best bad credit mobile phones in the UK. If you have bad credit and you’ve been struggling to get approved for a phone contract, Livesey Phones got you covered.


The brand exists for the sole purpose of helping customers snag a phone deal no matter your credit score or credit history. Livesey Phones has a wide selection of handset choices as well as phone bundles to suit diverse needs and preferences. With the help of our team of dedicated specialists, we can guarantee to give you quick and easy access to the best phone contract deals for people with bad credit today.

In partnership with other top and trusted providers in the market, Livesey Phones has already helped numerous customers across UK get approved for a suitable phone contract deal. Through continue partnerships, we promise to continue to provide the market best valued phone deals, fastest processing service and topnotch customer assistance. As long as you meet the basic requirements, there’s no need to worry about your credit score when you partner with Livesey Phones today. Just simply fill out our online application form and get ready to get approved for a phone contract deal in 24 hours or less.