How to Choose Your Handset

If you’re trying to choose the best handset as part of your phone contract plan then there are key considerations to keep in mind. Opting for the latest handset from your favorite brand may be a no-brainer for some but it doesn’t always work for the rest. Remember that your contract’s cost is hugely depending on your handset choice. It pays to make sure that you choose your handset right. Here are some tips that might help:

Consider the cost

If you’re concerned with cost then it makes sense to look at how much the phone costs before anything else. Naturally, opting for the latest handset means that your fixed monthly fee will also be expensive. If you want it cheaper, you’d be better off choosing the less high-end handset available in the market. But at the same time, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t be a cheapskate when buying a new handset especially if you’re going to use it on a daily basis. Go for a handset choice that is designed for durability and seamless functionality.

Check out key features

To further narrow down your handset options, the next step is to focus on key features that you want and need. Some of the most important features to consider include operating system, screen size, processor, camera and battery. Comparing handsets can be tricky and confusing especially with new models released year after year. To get your handset choice right, it pays to be careful. Research and comparing features are one way to do it. Ranking said features according to priority will also help. For instance, if you prefer iOS over Android then that’s a good way to narrow down your options. For more tips and tricks on how to choose your handset, go to

Choose your carrier

If your budget is set and you’ve narrowed down your options to your top 3 mobile phone choices, the next step is to choose your carrier. There are quiet a number of carriers offering diverse phone contract options in the UK. One carrier may be hailed as the most reliable and the other the biggest in the market but that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect choice for everyone.

When choosing the right carrier, you also need to consider other key factors such as reputation and coverage. EE, while the biggest carrier in the UK, has been most complained about. If you want a reliable service, your location is one factor to keep in mind. One provider may offer better coverage in your area than the other choices so it helps to ask about these questions.