Phone Contracts vs. Prepaid Deals

There is an ongoing debate between phone contracts and prepaid phone deals. One deal is pitted against the other citing that one is better because of its set of advantages and vice versa. If you’re considering which deal to go for, you’re probably in a state of confusion at the moment. To help you snap out of this dilemma, here are quick overviews of the two types of deals:

Phone Contracts

Phone contracts or pay monthly contracts are the most common option for majority of subscribers in the UK for a number of good reasons. At the top of the list is the free handset choice. Another is the cheaper rates on call, text and data services. There are also providers that offer irresistible incentives such as free gifts if you apply for a phone contract.

While advantageous in some ways, phone contracts have its downsides too. You’ll be hooked to a lengthy contract for one. Phone contracts can be expensive too especially if choose the wrong plan that does not meet your needs. Phone contracts are often recommended for heavy users who want a new handset and cheaper rates on their phone services.

Prepaid Phone Deals

Prepaid deals or pay as you go deals, on one hand, are deals where you need to top up your handset with advanced credit before you can make a call, send a text or browse online using your mobile phone. The upside with prepaid deals is greater control on your phone bill. You determine how much to top up and only when needed. There’s also no lock-in period to worry about. To compare pay as you go deals, go to Money Super Market.

On one hand, prepaid deals can be disadvantages as well especially if you’re a heavy user. In case of emergencies, you cannot use your phone services unless you top up first. You won’t get a handset either as part of the deal. Prepaid deals are recommended for light users who do not rely mostly on cellphones for communication and browsing needs.