Why Choose a Phone Contract

Phone contracts aren’t always the best option for everyone. According to a recent survey, majority of phone contract subscribers in the UK are in fact overspending on their phone bill. Despite the discouragement by experts, however, phone contracts continue to thrive in the UK. Even with its disadvantages, these types of deals are more preferred by consumers because of the following advantages that often outweighs the cost and lengthy lock-in period:

1. Handset choice

One of the best advantages of a phone contract for most people is the free handset that comes with the packaged. With a phone contract, you get to choose your own handset including the latest releases from your favorite brands. If you can’t afford to buy the latest handset in cash, getting a phone contract is one way to subsidize the cost in a per month basis.

2. Phone bundle choice

Other than the handset choice, you also get to choose your phone bundle as part of the package deal. Phone bundles have three elements, which include allowances for your call, text and data services. Because it’s a bundle, the rates on said services are usually cheaper than the regular rates you pay for if you opt for pay as you go plans. With so many bundles to choose from, however, it’s very important to know your needs first before then go from there.

3. Incentives

With competition getting stiffer among carriers, there are now more incentives available for subscribers than ever. Most providers, for example, are now offering free gifts as part of their phone contract deals. Other than the handset, you get another electronic device as a free gift. These free gifts may include another handset, laptop, tablet, game console, etc. Other providers may also offer huge discounts as their incentive to convince customers to sign up for one of their phone contract offers